Thrashing The New Santa Cruz Chameleon Nov 4, 2012

This looks like a lotta fun. I need a MTB again and the Santa Cruz Chameleon looks great. Thanks for sharing Tracko.

  • Ahab

    Old School and Ratboy know how to get it done. Hardtails Rule.

  • Pondoro51

    If you think this film is interesting!, get the film Seasons by the Collective its the Bollocks and has Steve Peat in it also.The best cinema photography I have  seen in any film  .Even people who I have lent it to who know nothing about bikes love it 60 mins long  .

    Pondoro NY

  • schroeder

    Gotta have it. 

  • Eshawks

    It’s about time, Watson!

  • I agree ^ The Collective has some amazing videos.