The Speedvagen Tank

Ok, if I asked you what kind of car a Portland-based frame builder would drive to cross races, the last thing you’d guess is an armored truck. You know, the kind that people drop loads of money off to banks with? Yeah, gun openings, plated steel, bullet-proof glass. The whole works. I think it’s awesome that Speedvagen takes this beast to cross races. After I got done shooting Tom’s Speedvagen, he gave me a tour of the Speedvagen tank.

  • Cbeall25

    mpg on that thing?

    • gpm

      • Adie Mitchell

        right on!

  • lol Totally silly awesome machine! Gotta know more about this thing.  Where’d they get it?

  • iStone

    So legit

  • I would pay to watch this and the Rapha mobile in a demolition derby 

  • sick!

  • I guess they’ll never really worry about bike security over night at hotels (or anywhere) with that thing.

  • The mileage on those things is god awful (like 6-8 mpg).  I can’t imagine he’s driving very far.

  • Danchabanov

    So how many people and bikes can that transport?

    • There were Yakima fittings in the back for what looked like a dozen bikes. People? Not sure.

      • Danchabanov

         Bummer. Would be sweet if it could actually care bikes and people. Or at least more bikes and people then a sprinter with a roof rack…

    • Tom Rousculp

      Two humans, a standard poodle and 10 bikes plus tools and tents. There’s a jump seat in the back too, so I guess three people but not comfortably although there is a sweet flip-down cup holder… all the conveniences. 

  • Jake Ricker

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Evidence, if it were required, that Uhmericans are still not paying enough for petrol? It’s a finite resource you know…