The Brovet was Hell Nov 2, 2012

This ride broke me and I’m not ashamed to admit that. After 8 hours of riding in 25 degree weather, through headwinds, frozen rain and mud, I cracked. When I packed for the trip to NYC, Philly and this ride, Sandy wasn’t even on the map. So I left all my rain gear, winter gloves, jackets and wool at home in Austin. In a mad dash to acquire appropriate gear, I found myself without a lot of options.

Cheap gloves, leg warmers and a packable rain jacket quickly reminded me that I was underprepared for the weather we faced out of Pittsburgh and into the mountains. For the entire morning, my body convulsed as I shivered. My hands went numb for hours and I was soaking wet from head to toe. I still can’t feel my finger tips or palms and my jaw was sore this morning from chittering all day. But today was a different story… We’re sitting just outside of DC, awaiting our flights home.

More on this story to come. For now, check out the #GoYonder Instagram tag and I want to thank all the dudes who made this trip so memorable!

  • Guest

    everyone has those rides and yet no one talks about them. glad to see you and yours had fun!

  • Jake Ricker

    Glad you made it homie.
    Sounds beyond insane!
    Looked like the worst/best ride ever.

  • nooodle

    what’s the patch?

  • From all the comments on Instagram, a lot of us were following and loving the awesomeness.  Looks like fun was had in some horrible conditions.  And you guys broke shit!  Somehow I wasn’t surprised to see a broken post and an endo.  Thanks for sharing.   Can’t wait to see the full post.  The story from Australia was superb, and this one already looks great.
    Length/elevation/climbing might not be an issue for some people, but weather should scare us sometimes.  Having ridden remote paths like this in similar weather, I know how it sucks to realize that you have only one choice – keep riding hard to even have a chance of staying warm long enough to get to a safe place to stop, if not the end.  And it’s worse riding solo, believe me – good to have friends with you.  Hope the nerve damage in your fingers heals up.  It took almost 10 years for my big toe.
    And we can’t wait to see what awesomeness is to come.  I’m sure the flight home was full of bourbon, snores, and plans for the next big thing.

  • unreal. glad you made it 

  • Chris

    Hard. Core.

  • Brian Mark

    Way to go, dude. Looks like they gave you the patch anyway? Congrats on surviving. You know what they say… to get through heaven, you gotta go through hell.

  • quesofrito


  • LOL