Stop and Ride Nov 14, 2012

What is it about the internet that makes people so entitled and judgmental? Who cares if someone else’s bike is set up differently than how you prefer yours. It’s their bike, not yours. I’m sure if your bike was featured, others would point out the nuances that you actually prefer, as faults. People are so quick to point out the negatives, rather than lift up the positives. All these symptoms are the mid-week stir-crazies. Just stop being so critical and look forward to the times when you can ride with others.

Just stop being an asshole and ride your fucking bike how you prefer.

  • Jonathan

    Sorry John.  As an internet crank, I take your admonishment with all due humility.

    But seriously: SRAM?  What were you thinking?

  • GIFT

    • Unreal Tournament pwns

      (so does penny-arcade)

  • Evanbalbier

    So true John- I cringe when I was reading the comments about your bikes, who cares if u get it for free its no ones business but your own (I think you should), you offer a free service to the interwebz so for that I am grateful.

    People need to remember custom bike builds are particular to a persons taste, so if someone doesn’t like it too bad for them. It wouldn’t be custom if it was personalized

    • I was mostly talking about when I post other people’s bikes.

      • Evanbalbier

        Sorry, guess I was still bothered by the replies you got the other day on the Argo..

        • Yeah, I mean, I’d prefer if people just held hands and sung Neil Young songs but it’s not gonna happen I guess!

          • @a31ab5d57cb3818ff09b117f21c796ea:disqus I have to respectfully disagree with you on whether it’s people’s business if John gets stuff for free or not. If John reviews a product (lets say and Enve rim) and says it’s the most stellar rim that has ever been produced and we should all go buy one then I think it matters if Enve have given sets of wheels for nothing and maybe a weekend away somewhere to test them. Obviously it makes his recommendation, potentially, a little less independent. 
            Now Prolly has been pretty clear that he gets to like the product first (generally) and then contacts the company second, so for me it would seem that his opinions are truthful and not coloured by brown envelopes but if I hadn’t heard this explained by him then I would be way more cynical about anything he says on this blog in terms of recommending one product over another. Is that not fair way to look at things?
            I’m not going to presume to know what goes through Mr Watsons head but I presumed he explained this because he wants a bit of transparency and the respect that goes with it.
            Now I have to go pack up my bike to move to another country so no biking for me for 6 weeks and if anyone wants to take a PDM lo-pro fixie off my hands….

          • Cristobal


          • Albie

            Don’t be negative towards a well articulated response.

            Bloggers are in a sense, journalist and thus for have rules and morals that come with th territory. That’s that. If you are lobbied into any opinion that a company wants you to present, your objectivity becomes useless and you’re nothing but an industry groupie like all the rest.

          • I hope you’re not knocking Neil Young  …. lol

  • autophile

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I’ve been so busy with school and work lately, that periodic breaks to check out your site and others serve as sort of a replacement to actually riding. Of course I won’t agree with each and every one of your opinions, but I don’t expect or want that. Keep doing what your doing.

    That being said, stop being a dick and get on a mountain bike!

  • Guest


  • Couldn’t agree more, I’m guilty of the ‘oh, I wouldn’t have put that on MY bike…’, but honestly, who gives a fuck what you would put on your bike. Ride the bike you own and shut the fuck up. Generally, it’s a peanut gallery commenting on bikes they couldn’t afford/ride anyways…I’m just saying, Tom Boonen, has his seatpost WAY TOO HIGH, just get a bigger bike dude.

  • are you seriously going to come in here and flaunt around THAT font?

  • Spencer

    Really, the only person who should be on here bitching is my boss because of all the time I spend on here. Keep up the good work.

  • Danchabanov

    [X] this atmo

  • jaaaaaaaaaaames

    i never read the comments too much recently but after flipping through some pictures of some really nice looking bikes there are a shit ton of whiners out there… (ps how do you get all these beautiful looking bikes!? shit). but yeah you’re good just ignore the tools.

  • peter harren

    That’s the fucking truth! 
    On another note, I’m sorry you have to deal with people who get on your ass for mentioning brands and companies. How the fuck can you talk about bikes without mentioning brands and companies!? Thanks for continuing to put up an awesome blog even when you get crap for no good reason. You’re bringing happiness to the world!

  • Er

    Blame evolutionary psychology.People may not realize this, but they are programed to think dominance is the only true route to social status. Hence, the more dominant and the higher social status you have, the more likely you are able to survive.
    This is why people are so quick to point out,as you mentioned earlier,the slight nuances they actually prefer as faults, and not because they are necessarily wrong, but because it makes them feel superior. 

    • Pondoro51

      But I think you give them to much credit in the intelligence dept .Their basic MO is ” I am miserable so let me make everyone else miserable ” misery loves company .Also these people are everywhere  on the road ,walking on the sidwalk behind you in line at a checkout you even work with them !. Percentage wise they are a minority which most of us tend to ignore ,to react is to feed .What was it that  Wiggins said when someone critised him in the TDF .its every where alway has and alway will be .

       Ignore it John thanks for a good forum

      All the best Jeff NY

    • muahaha

      you commented for the same reason, whether you realize it or not.  you offered an explanation because you wanted to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to explain the situation.  all comments are made with the reactions of others in mind, including yours.  and this one.  commentception.

  • Jball

    Words of wisdom

  • Amen

    You are so right!  Keep doing your thing Prolly.

  • gypsy world

    ladies if you like positive energy and inspiration in the forms of art, fashion, beauty, and concepts check out its a new blog but its going to be a hit!

  • You are so right. Who cares, what bike or how they ride it or what color it is, the fact they are on it should be applauded.

  • Bobmorgandesign
  • stink stonk

    correct, if my bicycle was posted, i would expect people to critique my setup and choice of parts.  some comments are positive, some negative, that’s just the nature of the internet.  you are not new to this blogging game, perhaps you need to thicken that skin up.

    which post is this referring to anyways?  the ruckus flat bar cross bike?  what set you off, if it wasn’t the argonaut post?

    • Just over the past few months. I also had a few people say they don’t want their bikes posted because people are assholes on my site, something that REALLY bums me out…

      • stink stonk

        you can post my shit-ass cross bike if it makes you feel better.  then others will be all “hey mine doesn’t suck that bad, perhaps i’ll go ahead and give prolly the ok to post it.”

        seriously, it is shit.  ass.

  • logicandheart


    Wait, ohh…

    Agreed.  If it works it works.  Never made sense to me, considering a bicycle is fit to a human being, and no human beings are structured the same…

    Keep up the good work, prolls.  and keep showing the world great bikes and great peoples.

  • NoAh

    Indeed! Preach it Prolly.

  • Thebikelab

    John, you do realise this is the internet, right? Part of the problem with anonymity, people get to vent all their pent-up frustrations on beautiful bicycles and the lucky bastards that get to ride them. Probably not about to change anytime soon. On another note, I think constructive (and even a lot of subjective) criticisms make the world a better place.

  • Johnny Burrell

    That’s a great photo John. My new background, hope that’s OK.

  • hans

    i’m just digging the photo

  • John, some of these are definitely print-for-sale worthy if you have the resolution to do so. Spectacular set.