Stanridge Speed’s Newest High Street Pursuit Nov 9, 2012

Photo by Brandon Jones

I’m a sucker for a sleek, black track bike, especially one that’s been photographed as well as this new Stanridge High Street Pursuit. This one needs those black Phil Wood cranks though!

  • Disgruntled reader

    What a horrible seat choice for that bike…

    • you mean saddle…

    • AdamEldridge

      Saddle was a stand in. Owner has his own in NYC. Thanks for playing.

      • Less disgruntled reader

        Fair enough, nice work on the frame

      • is that the frame you did that’s actually a deep, deep metallic brown?

  • iStone

    Why would you taint that bike with non 144bcd Phil cranks?

    • John Jones

      cause they look cool. a carbon fibre-lyte chainring would look cool on those cranks though.

  • creativitd

    why are you all hating so hard? 
    OH YEAH..

  • this thing is awesome, easily my favorite SHSP so far. cranks suit the build perfectly i think, as its clearly a race bike, can’t hate on a concor either! nicely done adam/owner!

  • John Jones

    headtube of DOOM. What kind o steel & are there more detailed pictures of the wishbone and ISP?

    • Nik

      check adam’s IG feed #nikhsp

  • Nik

    John, thanks so much for the post! And Adam, i can’t wait till Tuesday!!! It’s been an incredible experience, collaboration that started a friendship and an amazing transformation of the vision into the piece of racing art through your unprecedented level of craftsmanship and attention to every little detail, minus Evan’s basket of course.

    Nah on the Phil cranks (they do look good though). These Rotors are the business for the purpose.

  • Spencer

    This thing is hot as hell.

  • banhammer


  • now that’s some hot shit.  and i’d totally keep the Rotor crank over a Phil Wood crank.

  • sumocycles

    Certainly better than this one

  • Ksmallwood82

    What stem is that? Looks too clean.

    • Nik

      Easton EC90SL. Custom stealthed by Adam.

    • Nik

      Easton EC90SL. Custom stealthed by Adam.

  • Cxbra

    I love that saddle! Is it a rendition of the Turbo saddle? Is the Turbo saddle suede?

  • jdubyargh

    Honestly I thought this was a beautiful bike. Every time I read this blog I get some new inspiration from all the NAHB stuff I see on this site. John thanks for posting this stuff and raising awareness about what people are doing out there in the frame building world. My custom Gunnar just got stolen and I look to this site everyday to get new ideas about where I can find great frames and components. I see there has been a lot of negativity and that sucks, because I feel you are trying to do a good thing out there for the people who work hard in the United States to bring us these products. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks again!