Test Roll Contax G2

I recently got a screaming deal on a Contax G2 with the Zeiss 45mm and 28mm lenses. The 45mm is arguably the best piece of glass, ever and the Contax G2 has been hailed as the best rangefinder ever, even beating out the Leica models (so they say).

While some will argue a rangefinder should be MF, I kind of enjoy the AF. Once the camera came in, I headed out into the night to capture some of the vibes on the East Side of Austin. Later, I brought it to Colorado Bend State Park on a day trip with my parents, who were visiting from North Carolina. The results from my first test roll of 3200 Delta black and white resonated through my scanner yesterday.

Check out some wonderful randomness in the Gallery and I can’t wait to shoot more with this camer.

  • sygyzy

    3200 refers to the ISO? As in 3200 ISO?

  • Noah Lynch

    I love your eye John. Very inspiring as always! I really look forward to your “Recent Roll” updates. Keep shooting.

  • LanceBurkhart

    Great shots and thanks for sharing.

    I really need a G2 or CLE.

  • The grain on that last one…

  • Awesomness, What scanner are you using???

  • MCThree


    • You mean grain…

    • Noise is digital, which these photos are not.  Grain is film, especially at high ISO, which this is.

  • You should look into doing your own film development. Then you can match your exposure to development. Nice to see you doing this!

  • crazy grainy John!

  • abcdef64

    As Foresta hit on a little bit…If you shoot a whole roll of film in a similar context (ie. night shots, high contrast shadow shots, etc) you could expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights. Zone system; maybe you know this already.
    I find this very ironic that you paired the “best piece of glass” with one of the grainiest films.
    Nice work

  • the first picture is that store on comal and 3rd, right?
    i love the guy in there, he’s way nice. he once hooked it up with a forty, although i went in there to get something else.
    i bet he’d love to see and display this picture behind the counter. any chance for prints?

  • If your using 3200 try setting the ISO at 1600 you may get better scans. The G2 is by FAR the most fun to use out of anything i’ve ever tried. out of personal bias it would be cool to look into a Mamiya 7, the frames are proportional to a 35mm but in medium format, and it’s a rangefinder so it’s about as easy to cary as a DSLR. 

  • Dylan Wright

    Extra nice, thanks for sharing.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    mighty grainy on the last photo. so good!

  • starground

    Try a slower film and develop in Diafine (I use TX and EI 1000…). You might like it :-)

  • Did you get the G2 from Precision Camera?

    • No. I had mine before that one was there.