Recent Roll: Getting Rad on the 29’r Nov 8, 2012

Vinnie got rad on the Bicycle Revs gravel ride before the Philly Bike Expo. Unfortunately, I lost the other roll of film on the ride.

  • Fuzzy

    for the record, fatbike:

    But vinny does get down on his 29’r, just like he would on his 20″.

    • Yeah, I know. Just seemed appropriate here with the dirt drops.

      • Fuzzy


      • Jona

        That is an awesome setup. It is like a cross and mountain bike in one. Can we get some details about the size of the tires and the component group?

        • Pretty sure it’s a stock Salsa Fargo with 2.2″ tires

          • Jona

            Ah sorry, I see now its a salsa…got confused by Fuzzys link. Thats for posting this!

  • Nvrrrmnd

    Someone please tell me which bike this guy is riding….the bike at the top photo. Man I’ve been wanting something like that…

  • Vinnnn this is sickkkk

  • #cunthasskills

  • Sean Curran

    Are people riding the 29ers with drops mostly for fireroad stuff? Or is it more of a crossover thing for CX riders? I imagine they get hairy on the technical stuff but looks pretty nice for long dirt journeys.  Second photo is pretty awesome.

  • carrie b

    vinny this is great! when i knew you in NC you only rode bmx.