Brooklyn to Philly 2012

Two years ago, I rode with a small group of friends from Brooklyn to Philly. Well, technically from Brooklyn to the WTC PATH station, then took the train to Newark and rode from there to Philly. Rather than riding along the shoulder of busy highways and biways, we took the gravel path along the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park. It was shorter than the last time we did it (previously totaling 120 miles) but that’s because the route was dialed. This year’s ride came in around 100 miles and barely breaking 1,700′ of climbing. Nothing to brag about but for someone like me, who hasn’t experienced an actual Fall in a few years, it was a lovely ride.

Shot with my Yashica T4 and cheap Kodak film. Check out more photos in the gallery.

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  • Anon

    and now the canal is destroyed because of sandy :(

    • Cononymous

      I was wondering how the path fared.

    • Rmoffat

      Dang, is that true?  Too Bad.  I grew up in Yardley and have a gazillion happy memories from along the towpaths on either side of the river.  That whole area has taken a beating from flodds, etc.. the last dozen years.

  • Posting routes of awesome rides is a great thing to do.  Thanks.

  • SP

    I miss Brooklyn

  • Sick photos dude. Also… Elmo? So good.

    • pulling teeth

      that intersection is wild… one of the biggest dope blocks in the city