Phil Wood: Black Track Cranks in Stock Nov 7, 2012

If there was ever a reason to swap out silver for black components on your track bike, this is it. The Phil Wood Track Cranks are now available in black and they’re oh, so sweet.

Check out two more shots below and a huge thanks to Darla at Phil Wood for sharing.

  • chris

    Any word if they will make a road version??
    Black is so so nice.

  • johnny

    holy shit. these look killer.

  • iStone

    oh my god oh my god oh my god

  • Joshua Robot

    All that it needs is a 44rn ring. Wow. Serious bling.

  • recur

    I know the price is probably way up there, but damn, does it look like it’s worth it.

  • Not seeing these daddy boys in the store, any idea when they’ll be up?

  • azrnteater

    cant see them in the shop either :< where are they, am sooo curious of price.

  • Holy balls, those are sexy. 

  • Apidae

    Dam that chainring is sexy

  • Pom2pom

    Pre-ordering through Mash puts the price at $620.

    Gorgeous, but god damn..

    • pills

      $620 is for an entire kit… cranks, chanring, ti sealed BB and BB tool, and BB mudguards. works out to be ~$400 or so for just the crankset. not so bad… just a couple bucks more than a set of new campy or dura ace. well wort it IMHO.

  • michael blackshaw

    Darla hooked it up!

  • harnessgnarness

    ummmm these looks great but for the money i’d rather keep my omniums

  • fucking hell

  • Ishadam

    It is agitating reading the comments about the price of these cranks.
    First of all these cranks are Made in USA and are of the highest quality, so not only will you getting your moneys worth for years to come but you’ll also be supporting a US born company still manufacturing their products in the US, thereby providing jobs and helping the economy.

    • People want artisan bread for the price of Wonder Bread white.

  • Ryan Combdon

    I’m really surprised to see it’s a JIS taper. 

    • Same as campy and S75

      • Ryan Combdon

        I thought campy and S75 are ISO tapered. 

        • Fuck. I’m dumb today. You’re right… Ignore my commentary this morning.