Nisnas Cycles: Man Fenders Nov 20, 2012

I’m digging this fender design by Nisnas Cycles but they’re only in the prototyping phase. Expect an update when they’re available!

  • Grahamss210

    gtfo Israeli product. I’d buy american anytime.

    • A wonderfully xenophobic comment, just what the cycling community needs! Why not keep your ignorance to yourself and off this blog….

  • Yossi

    Thanks Grahamss.
    Actually much of our work is about focusing on anti-war, anti-occupation activism. Our upcoming project is a collaborative effort with a whole host of NGOs who work on the issue. checkout this design made as a profit share project with . Check it out here:


    Yay blatant advertisement!!

  • Johnny Fego

    The problem has nothing to do with Israel it has to do with Nisnas Cycles. Do NOT buy from these guys! you’ll never see your purchase. Beware!