Necronomicog Kits Pre-Order Nov 8, 2012

That is not dead which can eternal ride! Summon the power of the Necronomicog while you tear through the streets or the blackened forests on your hell steed. These high-quality, race cut kits are made in Los Angeles by ENDO Customs. Pick up the bibs here for $135, the jersey for $115 and the arm / knee warmers for $75 at the PiNP Web Shop.

This is a pre-order. Expect shipments to arrive early January.

Pre-order is open until the end of November.

  • SP

    That moment of being all “rad I’m going to get one, oh wait still a broke-ass college student.” You should do a contest for one of these John!

  • Conran

    any t shirt coming? or the coveted decal? 

  • those hips don’t lie

  • I know it’s a pain John but is there a sizing chart fort the arm/knee warmers? Not sure if i’m XL or XXL and that shit matters.

  • Er

    wow, completely ridiculous pricing.

    • Then stick with cheap-ass made in China garbage… I’m selling these at the MSRP from Endo and they’re uber high quality!