Merckx Mondays Nov 26, 2012

Photos by Andy White

I can’t even begin to think where Merckx Mondays would be without the assistance from Andy White from Fyxomatosis. The man probably buys a new Merckx frame every other week and when he builds it up, it’s pristine. Dura Ace was the kit of choice back in this era. Oh and having a model in a 7 Eleven kit is a lot nicer than propping the bike up with a stick!

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  • Chris Campbell

    Word on the street is that this bike is going up for sale.

    •  This sold long ago – but I have a 55cm version signed by another Andy.

      • *

        Hampsten? Mmmmmm…

  • rocking the cassette tape walkman!

  • I have a Ti Eddy, pry it from my cold dead fingers!

  • ckamp

    Why do you do this to me!