It Was a Busy Weekend in Portland Nov 11, 2012

Apologies for the lack of posts this weekend, turns out it’s easy to forget about work when you’re out riding all day. I arrived in Portland on Thursday and got to pick up this beauty from Argonaut Cycles. There’s a long story behind this bike, which I’ll be sharing with you this week, so stay tuned. ‘Til then, all I’ll say is, man, riding Saltzman on a brand new bike is pretty rad…

  • “but bro i thought Steel is Real” comments in 3…2…1…

  • iStone

    Explain “picked up.” Is this beauty all yours??

  • sick

  • Newman

    Fuck dude. Slammed stem and everything. 

    • 5mm spacer…. ;-)

    • Aaron

      If it’s custom, why not slam? It’s fuckin’ PRO.

      • There’s no PRO in PROLLY. Oh wait….

        I like to have some adjustability. Maybe I’ll want to go with a higher stack height stem (ENVE for example). Also, slamming for the sake of slamming is race-ist.

  • IanS

    That’s a funny looking cross bike….

    • Josh

      Saltzman isn’t a cx trail. Easily done with 23c tires.

  • Matt Good

    This thing is amazing looking. Nice work dudes

  • Mario Cipollini

    how many bikes do you even need???

    • I have 4 bikes.

      • Carl Anderson

        Lol 4 Roadish bikes.  What about that sweet BMX and your FGFS bikes?

        • Bishop road, Icarus track, Geekhouse cross, BMX – (FGFS is a frame now, need new wheels).

          • Carl Anderson

            All you need is an MTB now!

          • M Barnum09

            so this is not yours?

          • Plus this…

          • Rocket

            Whoa! You have an even bigger collection problem than me!! I’ve gotta tell my wife…

    • Carl Anderson

      There is a simple formula for how many bikes one needs:  N+1 (where “N” is the current number of bikes in stable)



  • Pop

    what type of pedals are you riding?

  • Thebikelab

    Dang, this guy’s got some serious blog money… sweet ride.

  • Gotta say, that’s one of the best looking composite bikes I’ve ever seen. Good job Argonaut and Prolly.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Loving the HPLUSSON on so many of your bikes! This thing is a beauty. 

  • holler if ya still here and wanna ride in the wet

    thendlessgroove at gmail

  • Cxbra

    I love the aura of a bike with a built in seat post.. You know there is no slouching allowed, its about BUSINESS.

  • Davidklasson

    How long does the sidewalls still beeing black on those h+son? Saw that Ty has the same on his hufnagel cx.

    Rad bike by the way!

    • They seem to hold up better if you don’t ride in the rain.

  • Kevin

    looks SO good. I bet it rides even better!

  • Sd

    more pics please! so amazing (and like half my salary.)!

  • Me

    you can NEVER have too many bikes. anyways who cares how many bikes  someone has, this is how one person chooses to spend his money and time. nice bike, keep collecting and riding.

  • .

  • Does it do barspins?

  • crihs

    No disk brakes?