Vandeyk’s Purple Blast

I don’t usually like to make Guest Galleries from press releases but this one is too good to pass up. Introducing Vandeyk, a bicycle company from Germany and their new bike, the Purple Blast. Check out the press release below and the Gallery above.

STUTTGART, 08 November 2012. VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles unveils their new bicycle collection “PURPLE BLAST”. With their second collection, the creative bicycle designhouse continues to explore the intersection between design, art, handbuilt bicycles and photography.
Set up as a curated, multidisciplinary collaboration of experts, VANDEYK aspires to built and stage functional art objects on two wheels – without any compromises.

The artwork of “PURPLE BLAST” is inspired by a solar flare, transferred in dashing purple colours. Photograhically the collection was staged in puristic black ambience, as well as in a fashion-esque photo shoot and a corresponding short film.
Furthermore, the collection is featured in an exclusive short film on NOWNESS, shot by London-based art and design practice United Visual Artists (UVA) in collaboration with VANDEYK, transforming a bicycle wheel into a hypnotic homage to early op art.

“PURPLE BLAST” is a performance-oriented roadbike, featuring Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 electronic shifting technology with fully integrated wiring.
The material for the frames is Columbus XCr stainless steel, fully handcrafted in Germany. Further components for the bicycles are by premium manufacturers such as Chris King or ENVE Composites.

The paint of the “PURPLE BLAST” collection is applied in a highly sophisticated process by a paint shop usually working for well-known super-sportscars manufacturers. The collection is strictly limited to 25 hand numbered bicycles.

VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles has been founded by creative industry professional and bicycle enthusiast Arendt van Deyk in 2010, to combine creative excellence with his long standing passion for bicycles and cycling. Working with the approach of an open creative platform, future bicycle collections will feature further inspiring cooperations and influences from all creative areas.

Further details and the technical specification of the PURPLE BLAST collection can be found on the VANDEYK website:

  • Graham21

    trying too hard. ads with girls, flashy ads , and only 25 numbers of frame only? that will covers the ads agency or the videoshoot? 
    lets buy paul crankset and revive US economy.

    • Conran

      usd650 phil wood crankset u mean?

  • Hunter

    thumbs up for the girl !

  • lmwong7

    Loved their original Night Stream:

  • somebody get that girl a towel

  • too expensive, it is kinda like the louis vuitton-purse of raodbikes

  • C Bitterman

     One of the things I really appreciate about this site is the fact that it usually rejects the more macho/sexist aspects of ‘bicycle culture’. It’s disappointing to see that you’ve posted a video like the one above, which is absurd enough to be satire, but sadly isn’t. Don’t get me wrong – I’m as much a fan of tits as anyone – but not to sell products, and maybe especially not to sell overpriced fancy bikes to the slavering middle-aged d-bags who would actually be able to afford Di2 and wouldn’t be completely turned off by the marketing this company is using. As I said, though, this is a rare step down for the site, so the critique should be tempered by saying thanks for (generally) treating women (cyclists) like actual human beings, rather than as objects-to-be-humped.

    • First of all, the video’s not on the front page. People can interpret that as they wish. If it bothers you, like it probably bothers others, I’ll remove it.

  • Mr_Bridge

    I’ll pass on the Di2 (and the daft video), but the rest of that bike is about perfect. Love it.

  • All yours, for only $16,299!  They should have saved a bit of cash and skipped the cheesy video.  The Nightstream is a steal at over $21k…  who the hell buys these bikes!?

    • I don’t see how people can justify the price tags on these highly over priced bikes.

  • Supervillian

    This is no different to the designer perfume ads etc that seem to be attached to selling overpriced products to a demographic that have money to burn – these guys are selling to the same crowd of attention seekers who get off on bragging how much their bikes are worth and that they different to the rest of us because they have an “exclusive” and “sexy” product. I don’t know if you can call the video demeaning, after-all there are plenty of our top female cyclists like Victoria Pendleton and Irina Kalentieva posing naked or semi-naked in far more provocative publications i.e. GQ, FHM and calendars out of their own free will- Should we call that demeaning as well?

  • Español

    The bike is nice, but I wonder how much gain the true builder of the frame. The price is a real deception for some rich kids who want to appear to be alternative.
    Maybe in Germany earn a lot of money, with the sacrifice of Spain, Portugal, Greece …… lets leave there is a comment from a Spanish.

  • cressidian

    I love everything about this bike and what the company is trying to do! It is a handcrafted work of art, i especially love the hidden cables, makes for such clean lines. Does anyone know if road bikes will start using pressfit bottom brackets like the ones used already on bmx?