Fast Boy Cycles: Jason’s Burlington Burner Nov 21, 2012

I love how Ezra can turn an everyday project into a stellar machine like Jason’s Burlington Burner. He describes this as a neo-retro lugged MTB 29r cruiser with a two speed shift-kick. Wow. Check out more at the Fast Boy Flickr.

  • Donald Stevenson

    Well nigh perfect for 90 percent of the riding most people do. I just rehabbed an older steel cross frame and went with this handlebar set-up and can testify that it is a revelation. I thought it would be sluggish, but it’s perfect. This gets all the proportions and level of polish right, and that oh-so-sweet fork crown makes it all float. A truly happy bike.

  • That Fork! 

  • What is that fork crown? It’s a beaut!

  • SO nice.

  • Hot shit. That crown is beefy!

  • Jack Luke

    I love everything this man builds. He gets me rocking and rolling.

  • Jonathan Tarlin

    cork grips inspiration!