Eggman the Novel Nov 13, 2012

J Milligan is an author who wrote a novel about a bike messenger. The title is Eggman and this month, proceeds from the novel sales will go to help out in Hurricane Sandy relief. Pick up the eBook here, at the Eggman site. Digging the Chris Piascik cover!

  • jaaaames

    i’ve read this already and it’s pretty awesome. i bought it when it came out i wonder if it’ll still go to sandy funds?

    • JMilligan

      I’ll make sure it does!  Thanks for reading.  -J Milligan

  • JMilligan

    Thanks for the post, John!  The book is $3 of which $2 goes to local hurricane relief efforts for the whole month of Nov.  Details at READ for NYC!

    • I’m about half way through, enjoying it very much.  I’m struck by how it reminds me of parts of William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, Spook Country and Zero History.  Great work!

  • Burt Reynolds

    Fine novel, Good man and Great cause. 

    Great idea J!

  • Bmaulucci

    Finished it today, a great read. I enjoyed it and plowed through it like Clive at an intersection. Thanks, Bob