Deux North: The Hunt 2 Nov 13, 2012

The newest video from Deux North‘s Hunt series is pretty rad. It’s not just a bunch of dudes climbing a mountain, there’s a dialog here, a tie in with the local’s favorite past time: the demolition derby. Check it out!

  • HelmetsRCool

    that cycle angelo guy should be wearing a helmet. only because hes the most accident prone rider i know

    • cycleangelo

      Only time I might not wear a helmet is during a long or steep climb, otherwise I’m all about the brain bucket. Thanks for the concern! 

      • You should talk to FYXO about steep climbs and helmet safety. That’s when you’re most likely to be pitched over the top of the bars. He broke his neck climbing a ride he has done 1000’s of times.

        • That story is insane, I would take not for sure.

  • I like these videos … I also wish there were sandwiches waiting for me at the top of climbs!