Curtis Odom Hubs Introduces Magneto Bearings Nov 28, 2012

Photo by Michael Graves

I’ve seen Curtis Odom hubs popping up all over the internet lately. Even Dan from Shifter Bikes recently built up a set. But don’t be fooled by the vintage aesthetic, these hubs are high tech. Case in point: the new Magneto Bearings (shown here with the cup reversed to show bearing).  Right now, these bearings are offered as an upgrade to the standard track hubs, but cassette hub bearings are on their way. See more photos at the Curtis Odom Flickr.

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  • Michael Powell Parich

    michael graves? _the_ michael graves?

    • I don’t think it’s THE Michael Graves

      • Dune Donnelly

        i would love (most likely be horrified) if michael graves made bike parts.

        • he’d design square wheels.

          • Dune Donnelly

            rooster vale covers and baby blue oval shaped saddles

  • This Michael Graves is likely more relevant to our industry than the “Target” industrial designer. Mike Graves the photographer has been creating images for the cycling industry since the 1970’s.
    He also has the singular distinction of having ejected out of a dying jet fighter without letting go of his Hasselblad camera while being a Navy air to air photographer.

    • The other Michael Graves is an architect…