Chris King: Purple Components in Stock Nov 2, 2012

This just in from Chris King:

“We are ecstatic to be offering a handpicked selection of our most popular products in a moody dark purple. These components will be released for a short time and in limited quantities so make sure to place your order with your local Chris King dealer by December 10th.”

You know I’ve gotta get my hands on this stuff ASAP!

  • It would be nice if they could knock it off with the limited purple parts. Some of us like purple but lack a Chris King fund just waiting for when they decide to drop these. This isn’t uber fashionable street clothing and there is really no need to hype and manufactured exclusivity. It’s their company and they can do as they please but I would love this color and it would be nice if I could simply buy them when it is personally possible. 

    • It’s very, very, very hard for them to anodize the purple. The hue never comes out consistant and the anodizer / Chris King don’t like doing normal batches because of that.

      • Okay, thank you for that info. It can be frustrating to see such a great color and know you will surely miss the chance. It’s nice to know it’s not for arbitrary reasons.

  • iStone

    Just called my dealer and he said it’s $149 for the 1 1/8 threadless headset and $179 for the BB…

  • tim

    i’m sure your intel is accurate, but how is it that everyone and their brother was able to pump out (consistent) purple anodized parts in the early 90’s (i.e. ringle, grafton, onza, etc…)? just wondering. and speaking of the early 90’s, let’s hope we don’t go down that road again of anodizing every possible part of aluminum we can get our hands on! 

    • Industry has changed a lot since the 90’s. Most people get their products made in China now, reducing anodizing facilities would be my guess.

  • norby


  • ian

    HAHA, it’s so perfect!