Cadence’s New Video Makes Me Wanna Ride Nov 19, 2012

And I literally just got back from a kick-ass ride myself. Gotta love Cadence!

  • the stereo effect on the earbuds is hilarious

  • Best company.

  • asshole

    get a longer stem bro

  • Yeahaw

    I don’t know, the way he holds his handlebars is awkward.  Haha, I couldn’t resist :)

    • Henne

      check how he is sitting on the saddle too, very awkward too…

      • When people spring on track bikes, they move forward on the saddle, “steepening” the seat tube angle by a few degrees. Watch track racers.

        • Yeahaw

          Affirmative! I’m not sure how fast he is going in the video, but if you want to go 30+ mph in the shortest amount of time possible you need to move forward on the saddle.

  • Lozine

    Novelo FTW!!! Move back to Vegas

  • garbo

    he really isn’t utilizing the various hand positions drop bars allow

  • sean

    Don’t your ears get cold with such a small beanie? 

  • cj

    his taint is getting cruuushed

    • jc

       What’s up with your concern about this guy’s taint?

    • Yeahaw

      wtf is taint?

  • zeeeeeeecore

    are those pants Exons?

  • CAN WE STOP BEING ASSHOLES ALREADY? Let’s put you guys in a video and let the world have a snark-off.

  • Does the guy have to ride in the drops to enjoy the bicycle? Last time I purchased a pair of track drops, I missed the part on the instructions that said that your hands ‘don’t go’ on the top of the bars.
    And, surprisingly, that’s how I sit in the saddle when hauling ass down a main thoroughfare. More elevation. Less effort being needed to bring the pedal around in a full rotation. 
    Also, he’s riding brakeless, and riding in the drops with traffic on a brakeless track bike is usually a bad idea. If he needed to stop abruptly, he’d be shit out of luck. 

    Get real, dicks.

  • Yeahaw

    btw, what is he doing at the end of the video?

  • donalrey

    Good shit Novelo!  See you in December dude!

  • Alonso Tal

    Novelo need more I15…