Brian Vernor: Men in Pink Nov 30, 2012

Photo by Brian Vernor

“I’ve yet to meet a slow guy on a pink bike.” Truer words have never been spoken, Brian.

  • Looks like Hellyer Velodrome! Pretty sure I’ve seen a few guys with those bikes (or at least in a similar color) there before.

  • Alex Morales


  • Alex Morales

    Chica Sexy

  • i heard that dude with the disc wheel is pretty fast…

  • Is that marc? 

    • Yep

      • Dope ,i dont know if this is old but i hope he’s doing alright after his crash.

        • It is a bit old and he’s doing much better!

  • Carl Anderson

    Im not one to drink the LOW koolaid, but those kits look pretty rad!

  • Ryan Espinosa

    Tornado Tim!