Bishop Bikes: Reflection Nov 26, 2012

I am honored to have a bike made by this man. When you buy a Bishop, you not only get a frame, you get a world’s experience (literally) in bicycle racing, collecting and just good old fashioned work ethic. Chris began on a bike like many of us did, on a BMX, pedaling around the neighborhood. Then he began racing, until the bike messenger life caught him in the late 90’s. After traveling to race the CMWCs, he returned to the States where he enrolled in frame building classes under Steve Garn of Brew’s watchful eye.

Now Bishop Bikes is a world-renown name in frame building. With a new web site on the way, Chris uploaded some photos of his life in bikes over on his Flickr. I highly recommend you take a look!

  • Wow thanks John. It was an honor to make your bike! Thanks for all the support you give me and other builders on your site. Are you going to NAHBS this year? I’d love to see your new Argonaut. It looks awesome! Chris