Tom’s 2008 Speedvagen Cross Machine

In the spirit of Veteran’s Day, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite bikes from yesterday’s Cross Crusade here in Portland. Tom is a close friend of the Vanilla / Speedvagen family. He puts on the Kiddie Kross races at the ‘Crusade series and races in the singlespeed category on his lovely 2008 Speedvagen Cross Machine.

Opting for the more eccentric “Surprise Me” paint job, his metal steed is covered in a red, white and blue livery, all brought together by a line of stars. It’s really something else! See for yourself in the Gallery.

  • Chris

    So nice!  

    Is that rust pushing through around the stem clamp bolts?  With that kind of weather how could it be avoided at some point!

    • Aaron

       Nah, looks like kicked up dirt.

  • DamianRiehl

    Nice shots, John! Tom is one of my favorite people. Great to see his bike posted here on Veteran’s Day. Almost decided to brave the elements yesterday, but it would’ve been to hang out and shoot. Got no insulation for that frigid rain racing.

  • Luc

    nothing makes me smile like a dirty cross bike

  • Those are definitely pre-race photos!

    • Tom Rousculp

      It got filthy! Peanut butter mud on Sunday and it cut through like a hot knife. Great race. 

  • Elegant restraint. Many would ruin the stars & stripes paint by overdoing the accents but here the hubs and bar tape are perfect. Curious what size frame this is, John do you know (or know roughly how tall Tom is)? 

    • About a 56 would be my guess.

      • What size is your Mudville?

      • Tom Rousculp

        Spot on John. 56. Thanks for stopping by, it was a pleasure meeting you. And thanks for sharing the SV too! 

  • Thomas G Nowak Jr.

    Great web site. This whole hand made movement is what I am all about. I love this Vanilla product.Everything they touch turns to gold in my eyes.Long live hand made bikes.

  • Whats with the stick bro?! Also… those seatstays, so curvy, so good.

  • Nvrrrmnd

    This is IT….I like the geometry and components of this bike…simply perfect..

  • Eric

    Those track ends are a thing of beauty.