J.P. Weigle Randonneur Bike

Details, oh the details. This magnificant J.P. Weigle randonneur bike was propped up in the Bicycle Quarterly / Compass Bicycles booth at the Philly Bike Expo this year. And yet, for the life of me, I couldn’t make my way through the crowd to reach Jan Heine or Peter in order to photograph it the first day of the show.

Once I got their attention, I rolled this beauty out into the overcast skies for some lens love. Where do I begin? Herse cranks, SON hub, Mafac brakes, NOT Reynolds 531 decal. It’s impeccable. Even though I’m indifferent about 650B wheels on larger frames, I can surely confess my love for this piece of work. Somehow, the proportions work and this bike just pops. See for yourself in the gallery!

  • Matthew J

    Imagine Peter makes those brass fender strut bolts in house.  Would love to find some somewhere.

    Great bike all around.

    • belopsky

      I imagine you found some, but just search for m5 brass bolts online, they exist.

  • recur

    I don’t quite get the NOT 531 thing…
    is there a story there?

  • Rafi

    Pretty sure the not 531 decal story comes somewhere from there being an issue surround duplicate 531 decals being sold on eBay, etc – essentially “counterfeit” Renoylds decals. So the “not” comes from really an I side joke kind of thing, esoterica really. Weigle is without a doubt a details man, but not without a sense of humor. A true modern master, not simply a bicycle frame builder, but a craftsman, painter, artist, machinist, jack of all trades and a master at the ones that matter.

  • Rafi

    Sorry, inside* joke

  • Richard Smith

    So how is this bike going touring without a rack?

    • If I call it a Rando bike, people get pissy and say its not a rando bike until it’s completed a rando…

    • Eddy’s love child

      It’s classic Rando bike. It takes a big front bag. It’s not a camping bike though, ‘touring’ means different things to different folks and how much they want to haul.

  • Erick

    Are the fork blades nickle-plated? The seem a little more nickle-looking than chrome. Does anyone know?

  • michael blackshaw

    On point!

  • michael blackshaw


  • chris

    So nice!  Great details.  Nice images John.

    Man, that chain suck touch up made me tear up a little.  Oh well, it’s getting ridden which is the best part!

  • where can one get a front rack like this? 

    • David

      “Like this?” Only from JP Weigle. 

      • tidy up

        “Like this” would definitely be a Nitto M-13.


        • Serail Retrogrouch

           silly rabbit, only JPW makes those racks (and lights).

        • Eddy’s love child

          No the Nitto has straight supports, these are curved and the tubing is more slender.

  • Joshua Robot

    Who makes the tail light?

  • I thought you mistyped NOS for “new old stock,” but you mean it really says “NOT” made with 531?

  • twowheeltravel

    It’s a thing of beauty.