Defiance Singlespeed

Since meeting the owner of Defiance custom cycles at the Philly Bike Show, I cannot find information about his company for the life of me. All I know is that he’s based out of Long Island and he makes gorgeous frames. Case in point is this ice blue singlespeed. Sure, it looks like a track bike, but the freewheel on the rear even threw me off. Throw a track cog on it and you’ve got a great winter trainer.

The build is lovely (Campagnolo GS cranks really set it off), the color is spot on and I even like the super graphic on the head tube. This one’s a winner. But one question: does anyone know a URL or a contact email for Defiance? In the mean while, check out more photos below.

  • chris

    Good looking indeed!

  • Paulrance

    Hey John, what make of tyre are they? Are they clinchers?

  • Doctor_Jones_

    This is brilliant! I think the freewheel is fitting with the dual brakes

  • Nelmer

    Exactly. Why not just ride it as a single speed as the owner intended ?

    • Aaron

       because #fixd4lifebro and #freewheelsRgay

  • Graham21

    The pedals looks like lyotard berthett but its not. anybody know? thanks

    • White Industries

      • Matthew J

        With Bruce Gordon half clips.

        • guess those aren’t enough for skidding without straps?

  • Really like that bottle cage & those cranks.

  • Davey

    looks sick is sick! who hives a fuck if people wana ride fxd or free

  • Pla3cg

    I want one !!!!!! Too sexy!!!

  • G_Bombay

    I think was one of the bikes built by a student of Doug Fattic maybe you can find out more info through him..luckily I stopped through that booth and grabbed some pamphlets [email protected]

  • Nichouston

    who makes those pedals?

  • vicho

    anyone know where to get those toe clips?

  • vicho

    the pedals are white industries i think

  • Newman

    nobody digs horizontal top tubes these days? it seems on a classic looking bike it’d be imperative to some extent.