Chris’ Ritchey Swiss Cross

It’s hard to deny the impact that the original Ritchey Swiss Cross had on American cyclocross. Any cycling history buff will note Thomas Frischknecht’s many victories in the early 90’s while riding the original, so it had to be a perfect choice for Ritchey to re-introduce the mighty red machine for 2012. Having only seen the bike at Interbike, I was stoked to hear Chris’ choice in picking one up when he wrecked his previous cross bike. Built with mostly matching Ritchey components, this build turned out perfect. Last Sunday, after a Walnut Creek singletrack session, I got some photos of this race-ready machine.

Some of my favorite details are the integrated head tube and that wicked cable routing at the seat tube cluster. Check out more in the Gallery.

  • guest

    Used to be, almost all cross and mountain bikes came with that rear cable routing. The Serotta T-max had what amounted to a pimple on the seat clamp to route the cable around the seat tube. I like the return of this.

    • Hunter does it as well.

      • Thomas Lowry

        Love the Swiss Cross. With non-centered cable pulling the straddle wire, wouldn’t you need to increase the spring tension on one of the arms to equal pull?

        • Did that, works out great.  My problem definitely has more to do with not going fast enough!

  • Cort

    Speaking of the wicked cable routing at the seat tube – why is there not a photo showing the cable stop?  Or is there even a cable stop?  Does the cable just graze the frame?  How much sheathing is on it?

  • OG Swisscross rear routing…a lot of 90’s mtb’s and cx frames had this routing, some even had cool little curved noodles n such to guide/house the cable, very cool stuff. these new swiss cx frames are a true return to form for ritchey, not to mention the new P29! so nice…

    • Cort Percer

      That’s a much better picture, thanks! Another few questions: Did the cable touch anywhere besides the seat lug?  Did those guides ever fail? – Cort

  • Loving the color-way on this. The white hoods make everything even better.

    • It looked even better when Chris went over those hoods and onto the gravel. haha

  • Kyle Kelley

    Fuck this blog!

    •  Yeah this blog sucks! Screw John and his millions of dollars of free bikes! What a jerk…

      • Yeah fuck that guy and his smelly saddles.

        • Fuck, bikes are OVER man. I’m getting into barefoot running!

  • What hubs are those? dt 350?

    • take off training wheels from a focus izalco iirc, they’re an oe wheelset called the r1850

  • Carl Anderson

    SO hot.  With every sweet CX bike you post up on here Im like “oh man that is that one I have to get one of those!”

    This is the one!  I have to get one of these!  I saw one parked at the library the other day and contemplated waiting around to see who the owner was and chat…