Back from the Grave: Donal Rey’s Yamaguchi Track Nov 12, 2012

When your precious track bike gets hit by a car, most would just hang her up on the wall and blow her kisses at night. Not Donal. He sent his wrecked Yamaguchi to Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames for a little repair job. The completed work is really rad, as captured here in this studio portrait. Looking good holmes!

  • DH


  • Kyle C

    That’s awesome, I’d love to see some before/after shots

  • it felt so good to get my 29er back from repairs after getting nailed.  Hope your back is okay dude.  Congrats on getting your bike fixed!

  • Marco

    the repair looks great, but why not ask yamaguchi to do the repair?

    • $$$$$ and time

    • donalrey

      It was a bummer but Koichi declined to repair the frame!  At the end, I’m glad Ian was willing to take this one on as he did such a phenomenal job.  

      • Marco

        Cool, thanks for the background – makes total sense. Congratulations, it looks like an amazing ride!

  • Hey

    Great looking bike! But what’s going on underneath the downtube?

    • donalrey

      There was a couple of minor dents on the downtube from the impact so instead of replacing it the dents were heated and stretched and filled with brass.  Ian is a genius!

  • trackbikesareforthetrackno?

    this is exactly why we should keep cars off of the velodrome.