Athens Does Fast Friday Nov 20, 2012

Back in 2005 when Cadence started Fast Friday, I doubt Dustin anticipated riders in Athens would be doing the same thing in 2012. Check out this new video by Boat Magazine.

  • FakinYes

  • That riot footage was amazing.

  • GDelta

    We watched the movie and loved what Dustin did back then. We felt like this is what we needed.. we didn’t want to use a different name for something that has the same concept and values. I hope this brings a smile to Dustin’s face for what he has inspired people to do and hope there’s no misunderstanding, because we just care about the community.

    Thanks for sharing & cheers from Greece!

  • Ronnie Garcia

    I visited there recently and mets some really cool dudes at shop called 48×17. Great people who really love track bikes. They even had their own frame build by an old guy on one of the greek islands. Id recommend a visit.

  • Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to ride there with ya all every Friday.Greece is having some very serious issues at the moment, so that kind of things like FF  bring people together, share things and do stuff without giving any damn cent to stupid consuming useless pieces of crap. FF is something different for each one of us , but bottom line is a sprint from one point to another, with bikes build to do it fast. 
    So when im doing this this, all the fucks i give are equal to zero, and this is pretty much what is all about. 
    Join us.