All City: Thunderdome Nov 2, 2012

The first aluminum bike in the All City catalog is their new Thunderdome track frame. These race-ready machines are pre-booking now at your LBS for $650 frame and carbon fork. Get on it! Check out more specs here at All City.

  • Paul

    looks sick.  kinda wish it were bb30, but they had to go threaded due to the lack of bb30 track cranks i guess.  

    but man, do we really need another all-city in raiders colors? :P

  • Stanb14

    yeah id like to know if there is another colorway. something lighter even. great looking bike tho. all-city ftw

  • Richard Smith

    I’d have liked to have seen some hydroforming in the seat tube, a chunkier bottom bracket, a tapered steerer and a full carbon fork but you can’t have everything…

  • Jlganas

    Awesome, I want one! Where’s allcities video of nico ripping it up on the prototypes
    At nacccs, cmwcs, and everywhere else?