247 Bigtime: Jan Kole of Colossi Nov 13, 2012

Faz of 247 Bigtime met up with Jan Kole of Colossi last month during his stay in China last month for Asian FIxed Gear Championship. While there, he made this interview video, showcasing Jan and his factory.

  • Graham

    i am sorry, this video suck. u record this with a phone? recordings bad. there is a similar video on collosi last year with similar content minus the lazy riding.the diffewence between china made frame and uss etc frame?  i only can see jan as a “capitalist boss” and not a master frame builder like giovanni pelizzoli, ian, etc.  makes me dont want to buy a frame from this company. 

    • I don’t understand why you have this sense of notion against entrepreneurship? he started a company, and does what he can to promote it, I don’t see what’s so bad about that? Chris King doesn’t personally build every single Cielo frames, so what does that makes him? 

      • Ninili

        I think the statement in lieu with the video. If The vids shows Jan weld some tubing, it would look good overall to the company branding . Im talking about framebuilding, bespoke bikes, craft, artisans. Entrepreneurship is so global and broad it lower the artistic nature of this craft. If i knew some chinese kid build my frame with usd2000 saving that i have, i wouldnt go there n might choose yamaguchi, giovanni pelizzoli or other bespoke frame builder.

    • Faz

      Talk is cheap. How about you show us what you got? Atleast I do have some effort to share my experience with other on how do they do it in China. Douche.

      • Graham

        i applaud ur effort. 247 bigtime is a graphic entity no? so there should be some artistics or some filtered shots to show one or two frame builders only..or talk about something we didnt hear already about collosi. speak up when asking/interviewing. or it may be the sounds bad due to the phone recordings.my point is ur video showed an angle a bespoke bike company should not show.  it hurts to see a lot of hands are involve in working in one frame. im talking about a custom frame building by a respected guy. where the love jan collosi? i would love to share my grandpa trick doin trackstand n stuff but i dont think it will go thru this blog. all the best faz.

  • Patricia Rollins

    I wonder how much those “frame builders” are paid to hand build those frames?

    • Max

      More than the person who built your iphone. 

      • LOL so true!

        • Marty

          At least Americans can buy asian bikes… they certainly can’t afford ones built in the U.S.A.