West America: Stainless Skewers Oct 15, 2012

When Jordan Hufnagel puts his mind to something, the final product is an object of beauty. I’m only being nice because I hope Santa brings me a set of these West America skewers these holidays. Everything is machined, filed and formed in Portland. Pick up a set here.

  • OPiE Riccardo

    these are absolutely a thing of beauty!! I hope santa treats you well this year!!

  • trackshack

    beautiful craftsmanship.  can’t wait to pick some up

  • Matthew J

    I have Pitlock skewers on my bike with hollow axles, but these were too nice to pass up. My order is in. Looking forward togetting them.

  • Michael wynne

    So freaking stoked for my pair!

  • Luis Prado

    Can i get those skewers?