USAC Elite Track National Championships Oct 26, 2012

Track racing videos are always a thrill to watch:

“Just a few fun shots from the 2012 Track National Championships in Carson, CA. Includes Friday night racing of Team Pursuit, Women Kierin, Men Sprint, and PARA Men and Women Individual Pursuit.

Posted near Halloween, so obvious use of Misfits song.”

  • Chris

    Nice video! It’s good to see well-filmed track stuff. Shame how small the crowd is though.

  • Josh

    So much Portland in this video; awesome.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    London Dungeon!

  • Noah

    The British Are Coming!

  • Apidae

    You had me at Misfits..

  • Edmund

    Not bad. Why do you think the crowd turnout was low?

  • Awesome!  Stoked someone made this. Dana Feiss lookin like a beast! Nice shot of Zak and his team ruling the team pursuit too.