Trackosaurus Rex: WWII Replica Ramblin’ Rolls Oct 24, 2012

They’ll probably sell out but who cares! I love this photo of the new WWII Replica Ramblin Roll. Maybe you can still grab a cap while they’re in stock at Tracko.

  • iStone

    What’s the biggest size tube you can fit in the middle? 

    • Joe Mama

      I currently have a 28-35c tube in mine using plastic bag to help slide it in.

      • iStone

        That’s good to know. I currently have a 21-28c tire in mine covered in saran wrap and was wondering if I could still use the pack with my CX bike. Thanks for the quick answer!

    • Trackosaursrex

       Plastic bag is the key!

  • Caps sold out. 

  • Ancient Arrakis Youth

    Death In June Ramblin Roll

  • numberonebro

    one of these days..

  • Am I the only one packin’ two tubes into one of these bad boys?