Time to Process: Rad Rides, Bikes and People Oct 21, 2012

I like bikes and people that were born to get dirty. Riding steel on and off road with friends, both close and new is a great way to bide your afternoons in Northern California. I got to spend a lot of saddle time with these three bikes, all of which I’ll be posting up this week, so stay tuned.

I’m heading back to Austin, where I’ll barely have time to process before heading back out to NYC, then Philly, Pittsburgh and Portland. What a whirlwind month it’s gonna be!

Thanks for riding along.

  • Tayloradam78

    Were in the burg are you going.

  • Tom S

    What ya doin in the burgh?

  • Stewiepat

    What brand of saddle bag is in the second picture? I’m diggin the camo.

    • iStone

      Ramblin’ Roll with a custom color.

  • Duncan

    Excited to see a Black Cat on the site…Todd is a great guy and deserves more press!

  • Cxbra

    I see all roadbikes to be disk brake equipped in like 5 years… They brake so much better than cantilever brakes but I think people are afraid of more rolling weight. I dont think they should be, the disks are only a coulple of ounces. I could see race bikes running 3″ or 4″ disk brakes DUALLY on each wheel for even gyroscopic forces. It seems to me like it will be rounding the corner any day now..

    • I don’t care about weight. I don’t like disks because if you travel with disk brakes, they get damaged a lot. I also don’t like cable-actuated disks. Maybe the new hydraulic SRAM will change my mind. And why do you need such stopping power? The only benefit I see at the moment is an even, controlled stop in less than favorable conditions but since I don’t like in an area with rain, I don’t see the benefit.

      It’s like Di2. Sure, you can do it but why? Maybe when the rotors are smaller and the calipers follow suite, I’ll like it more. Right now they just look distracting on an elegant bike.

      This has nothing to do with Eric’s Black Cat. I think that bike actually pulls it off quite well.

      • Dmashburn

        I have 1 rear mountain bike disc brake set up on my sizemore street bike. Taylor designed the bike with the Formula R1 and Industry Nine xc Disc rear wheel in mind.  I have always loved the feeling of my hydraulic brakes on my downhill bikes and wanted to try it out on this bike. I love it so far, but it’s not really a traditional road bike at all. Just one brake in the back.

    • Christian DiCenso

      What about getting sliced up in a crash? I’ve cut through my fingernail before on my mountain bike; the thought of a hundred sharp as f**k spinny blades all around me gives me the shudders.