The 2012 Red Hook Crit Milano is On! Oct 1, 2012

So yeah, the Red Hook Crit Milano sign up came and went (sorry for not posting that up) but a full roster means another packed year with an ever-increasing sense of competition. And with the prizes this year, there’s no wonder people will be gunning for it.

Check out the full shot of the 2012 Red Hook Crit Milano prize Vigorelli below, along with some other teasers!

If you missed the sign-up, get on that wait list!

  • ZianStudios

    I always wondered if there was a “standard” size for prize frames.

    • David Trimble

      Cinelli has provided us with the frame in multiple sizes.. If somehow none of these frames fit the winner than one will be produced. 

      • teenage mustache

        Are the left over frames destroyed after?

        • krash

          my guess is that they will just strip and repaint the unused frames.

        • crihs

          No. Like the tee shirts from the losing teams in Superbowls, World Series and Stanley Cups, they are shipped to 3rd world countries for recreational use.


    that hideous thing should be stripped off, cut into pieces and thrown off a bridge right now. 

    • crihs

      you are one of those dudes that say things like this, but has an ugly girlfriend.