The 2012 Red Hook Crit Milano Competitors List Oct 10, 2012

The competitors list for the forthcoming Red Hook Crit Milano has been announced. Head over now to see who will gunning for it and make your pick for the champion. Anyone got a good guess?

  • Keean

    This photo is so sick. Is this one of your shots from the last Red Hook?

  • Neil Bezdek.  The video footage of him winning last year was awesome.  I’m sure Stanridge wants to see Evan Murphy win.

  • Razor

    Daniele! He’s not on the list but he’ll kill it.  I think he made 14th last year. Dude trains harder than an everyone.

  • senorflaco

    The Walt

    • albert

      indeed the walt

  • Jake Ricker

    One of the USA dudes fo sho!
    Good luck homies!