Taylor Stitch for Mission Workshop: Dearborn Overshirt Oct 15, 2012

All of my long sleeve dress shirts are Taylor Stitch and we all know that Mission Workshop makes superior bags. So when these two get together, you know it’ll be good. Here’s the low down on the Dearborn Overshirt:

“The Dearborn Overshirt was the result of a summer project between Mission Workshop and Taylor Stitch. Taylor Stitch is an independent shirt maker, creating new styles of small batch shirts. The Dearborn shirt is the first effort of combining the best aspects of both companies.

Taylor Stitch constructed the garment in San Francisco using traditional and time-proven techniques building a shirt that will hold up under daily abuse with a fit made to cover base layers without being overly bulky.

From Mission Workshop, the Dearborn inherited technical aspects such as 3X Dry® which repels water and stains and aides in wicking off moisture from the skin. It is built from Scoeller’s Turkish cotton with added stretch. The S-spring snaps and underarm eyelets are imported from Germany. And as small detail, the chest pocket is ported for your media.”

Pick one up here. So stoked on this!

  • Trackosaurusrex

    Damn!  That shirt looks great…almost exactly like a swrve shirt I have!


    • Hey, that looks like my Taylor Stitch denim overshirt.

      • Guest

        hey both of those look like every day dress shirts – will the bloggers STFU already?

        • lol he started it!

          • Trackosaurusrex

             I didn’t start it.  That was Ty on my computer!

          • Tell Ty it’s on like Sassy’s

  • Michaelrusa

    “the chest pocket is ported for your media”
    god thats stupid