Swobo Introduces the Divine for 2013 Oct 4, 2012

With Swobo under new ownership, they’ve taken their single speed and fixed gear line back towards the States. The Divine is their new city fixed gear, made in the USA and shown here, as a PAUL Component build for around $1,800 dollars. They’ll also be offering up a Taiwanese parts build for around $1,200 but who can Resist some PAUL parts? Expect these to hit your LBS’ shelves in 2013. I dig it. Replace that stem, bar and saddle and that’s a nice looking build.

Check out some more shots below!

  • Murph

    Nice G-rips, tho.

  • bob

    If only it had canti posts

  • No

    Replace the stem?! What’s wrong with Ritchey Pro?

    • poop sauce

      it’s not CNC machined on the west coast.  DUH.

      • Thomson is in Georgia, DUH

        • poop sauce

          My post doesn’t even refer to Thomson DOY DUH DER

    • I like Thomson.