Some Changes to the Site Oct 1, 2012

You might have caught onto a few of these already but I’ve been working hard with Jon Brennan to speed up and enhance the user experience of PiNP. A bunch of new additions were made today:

-Your keyboard arrow keys now navigate the photosets.
-You can now link to a specific photo (i.e. bro).
-Additional footer items.
-New web shop (I hear there are vinyl decals now).
-Faster loading on individual pages.
-Increased mobile compatibility with the Photosets.

We’re still working on some backend functionality to make the site load even faster for you. If there’s anything pressing we missed, leave a note in the comments.

Also, if you need any web work, I highly recommend Jon. He’s done a great job! Contact me to connect you.

  • quesofrito

    nice one bro.

  • thumbsoneill

    Swipe navigation for the galleries on iPhone is way nice! Thanks!

  • Tom Handy

    Kind of a random off-topic question, but do you expect to get ahold of more of those NME Knife & Tool bottle openers?

  • iStone

    I don’t see any decals in stock. Did they already sell out??

  • a backwards button? out of the article that takes you back to where you were scrolling on the front page? 

    • Thetooth

      or at least make every link open a new window like your new photosets so i don’t have to right click myself. (i’m getting older and lazier) 

      • They do!

        Pardon the brevity. Sent from my iPhone.

  • Michael

    Keyboard navigation! Yes!

    There is a god, and his name is Prolly!

  • Eric

    responsive layout

  • Cyclonesian

    good job Jon! Love it!

  • Roadblock

    Prolly can you link me to Jon please – roadblock at wolfpackhustle dot calm