Red Hook Crit Milano Photos by Marco Cremascoli Oct 15, 2012

Photos by Marco Cremascoli

So far, these are the best photos I’ve seen from the 2012 Red Hook Crit Milano and they’re really great. See the rest of Marco’s photos here, at his portfolio site!

  • Absolutely incredible, I love the finale of the set.

    • Cody

       agreed. not only are the photos great but the curation is spot on.

  • Guillermo

    The new Mash frameset looks great :-)

  • I can’t believe that Chas is still rocking that 144#47 ring, he won that at Stuporbowl like 9mos ago. Gotta hook that guy up with a “sponsorship” lol.

  • iStone

    Can’t wait for the video and more info on those new MASH frames!

  • Pages that scroll sideways…

  • nice!