Wide Open California

Over the past year, I’ve had the absolutely amazing experience of riding extensively in California but this last trip might have been my favorite. We rode on the 1, the 128 and in Geyserville. From the Redwoods, to the coast and dry, arid hills, the scenery kept me shooting my 35mm point and shoot, mid pedal stroke. Check it out below!

  • Chris

    Love the path of the road in 6. 

  • Nagaredama

    What sort of film?  Provia 400?  Which point and shoot?

    • Yashica T4, Kodak Portra 400

      • Nagaredama


        I had a T3, bummer it got stolen on a trip to Brazil.

    • Definitely not the Provia 400. Looks more like a Portra or a “non professional” or expired film. John shoots a Yashica T4 and a Contax T3. (gosh i feel like a geek….) 
      PS: I really need a T4. 

  • Guest

    How were those Challenge tires over that many road miles?

    • I’ve put about 450 miles on them. One flat.

  • Aaron

    Yashicas are cool, but Mamiyas are even cooler. Hassy is best but I wouldn’t huff one around on my bike

    • My T4 is pocket size.

      • iStone

        JNCO pockets, maybe.

  • Ughhh… these photos are killing me right now as Sandy keeps us in! Lovely shots John.

  • Alefdeux

    Sonoma CO for the win!  Best roads anywhere!  Thanks for the snaps. 

  • Comanche Racing

    Awesome shots, John

  • Coyotes Amigo

    My wife is always giving me shit for always taking these sorts of photos (roads, trees, bike in front of something). But I take them because I love looking at them. Nice.