Randomness by Bike

I love finding a roll of film you thought you lost. This one roll of Ektar was sitting in the bottom of my bag and I had no idea where or when it was from. Turns out, it was in my Contax T2 and I had taken it all over. Indonesia, Bali, along the ATOC, the RGR and finally, Austin. This is all randomness, pure and simple. Check it out below.

  • i don’t see pictures

  • cant believe how huge that RNT bus is. do you know if they just rent a bus for the few events in north america and put stickers on or are they really keeping this thing year round.

  • Luke

    Airport photograph is gorgeous.


  • shot of ty and jeremy is rad, the green on his shirt + the helmet.

  • no.2 is a stunner ++

  • Nice set. Love the photo of the AG2R rider

  • sygyzy

    Prolly, what are your favorite film cameras (that you own)?

    • Yashica T4 and my Hasselblad 500cm

      • sygyzy

        Thanks, I’ve been trying to pick up a T4. Nobody bid against me!