Pit Stop Oct 25, 2012

There’s nothing better than drinking from the Earth after a mean Cat 2 climb in 90+ degree weather. Last weekend, a big group of us did the Geyserville loop and after the initial descent, there was a water trough filled with ice cold spring water. I took my Hasselblad out of the videographer’s car and snapped a few shots of my Geekhouse resting on this oasis.

  • ol’grumpy

    That climb is super fun.  You got to ride a bunch of rad NorCal routes.  Did you all make it out to King Ridge or Skaggs?  

  • Max

    woa, no butt-sickness from the ole horse-trogh?

  • Trackosaursrex

    So much for carrying your own shit…I can’t wait to see what you put in the car next week.  Wonder what Andy would think? ;)

  • nice shots.  always thought you’d enjoy medium format.  You and Marty did a great job on that rig.

  • nice!  Still beating you on Strava miles and hours this year John.  :)  It only took me twice as many hours on a pedicab.


  • Bryn Evans

    What kind of saddle roll is that?