Recent Roll: Ian and His Icarus Track Machine Prototype Oct 15, 2012

So Ian at Icarus has been working on this monster track machine for a little while. The idea is that bigger track racers, like 200+ lb sprinters, need a stiff bike and weight isn’t really a big of an issue. So he’s gone oversize everywhere he can. He’s still working on the frame, in his down time but this thing would rip the boards off a velodrome underneath the right racer…

  • Ryan Combdon


  • Tommy Barse

    can’t wait to paint.

  • ekajnitram

    Holy fucking dream track bike! I’m not even that big of a guy, but I want. 

  • Michael

    Oh hell yes. As a 200lb+ (and then some) rider I love this. 

  • Digslove

    Exciting to watch. Waiting for the final result.

  • Danimal

    Looks like the 29er MTB chain stays used on my first Destroy. Frame looks like it’s going to turn out so rad!

  • I think now is the time for me to get a custom bike.

  • i know a really cool guy in austin that would love to help test ride something like that around…  probably even lives down there in south austin…  *cough*  *cough*…-0