Review: Portland Design Works Takeout Basket Adventure Edition

This will probably be the simplest review I’ll ever do because this is one of the most straight-forward products I’ve reviewed. When DPow from PDW sent over a Takeout Basket Adventure Edition, I was going to wait on my tourer to be built before putting it on a bike. Then the summer months kept creeping along and I hated having a sweaty camera bag or backpack on for really simple runs. That’s when the comfortable size of this thing just took over. Off went the drops, on went the flat bar and the Takeout Basket. The brackets can be a pain in the ass to assemble if you’re not patient but the whole thing installed in under 5 minutes.

As the name implies, this is not a rack for heavy cargo. It’s a basket meant for small runs *like* takeout. I found it a perfect fit for a six pack of beer, or some simple grocery items. Because the Blaq-built Adventure bag doesn’t have padding, I swapped my ILE Photo Bag in its place for my Hasselblad and 5D. But the tall nature of a roll-top fit a giant bottle of bourbon just fine.

Overall, I’ve been very keen on this basket, mostly because I never know when I’ll have to pick something up without a backpack. It’s come in handy multiple times and I would even consider it on a longer ride to hold my camera. Now, let me just say, sure, there are other options for larger loads. Cetma comes to mind but this isn’t a rack, it’s a basket…

Pick one up in the Adventure Edition here or the standard Takeout Basket here and flip through more shots in the Gallery.

  • Yeahaw

    no go, here’s why…..

    1.  I, and I’m sure there are others like me, occasionally like to hold the handlebars near the stem.

    2.  If you’re going to have a basket like that “permanently” attached to your bike, then it should be as versatile as possible, so yeah a CETMA, particularly the Brack version, would be a better option.

    Also, I have to thank one of your commenters for mentioning CETMA in a previous post because their racks are exactly what I’ve been looking for, unfortunately, they are not making the Brack version at the moment, argh!!!!

    • Cetma attaches in a similar way, eliminating the ability to awkwardly hold the handlebar at stem clamp.

      Or did you miss that?

      Also, Cetma is a RACK. This is a BASKET. Big difference.

    • DoPeTz

      A little different when you’re comparing a basket to a rack. I personally think this is a beautiful simple basket for your average run-n-go pickups at stores, etc. I usually find myself placing my hands near the stem as well, but for something this awesome I can easily not do that and if you must, maybe the basket isn’t what your looking for.

    • Guest

      kid no one holds their bars like that and my cetma attaches the same as this one does, at either side of the stem clamp

      • Yeahaw

        when I said, “near the stem”, I meant something like the still shot for this video…..

        This Takeout Basket definitely gets in the way of holding the handle bar like how its held in that still shot.

        • on the other hand, they’re a nice alternative to TT clip ons.

    • Yeahaw

      To John Watson, DoPeTz, and Guest,

      Notice I said CETMA’s Brack version and notice I used the word “versatile”.  BOOM!!!! All three of you blown to smithereens.

      So by now I’m sure you all had a look at the Brack version on CETMA’s website, and I bet you’re thinking, “damn that is a nice  BASKET/RACK”, but I guarantee that you’re also thinking, “damn that chick is nicer”.

  • How many hotdogs can it fit?

  • It’s worth noting, depending on the size of your drops, a Takeout will fit…

  • I’ve used this basket for over a year and it’s AWESOME! Also, it fits in between my 42cm drops without interfering with any hand positions.

  • I’ve used this basket for over a year and it’s AWESOME! Also, it fits in between my 42cm drops without interfering with any hand positions.

  • Matthewitt

    Handlebar mounted racks or bags are never fun to have on a bike because handling is decreased so much!  Put a fork mounted rack on if ya need to haul something.

    • Where the rack or basket is mounted has 0 influence on handling. It’s trail that matters. Lower trail = stability with front loading. A track trail and any weight up front is going to suck if you’re not smart about it but where it mounts does not matter.

      • Matthewitt

        “Where the rack or basket is mounted has 0 influence on handling.” I disagree, but that’s okay :) we’re allowed.

        Lower center of gravity=stability

        “It’s trail that matters.” I do agree that the trail matters, but not entirely. 

        This conversation should be done over a glass of bourbon I think.

        • Low and front is the way to go but I always still run a bar bag. Glass? BOTTLE! ;-)

          • Matthewitt

            Hear in milwaukee we roll with cubes rather than 6ers;)

          • I roll with wheels. How do you roll on cubes?

          • Mattieh

            I was referring to 6packs of beer when i said “6ers”.

            A “cube” is a 30pk of beer;)

          • I know I know!

    • Yeahaw

      Yeah, like a Brack!

      After the gang of three jumped on my ass above, you bet I’m going to rub it in indian burn style.

  • hatch sprint

    what’s the coating / treatment on the fork?  looks amazing… 

    • Nothing. Raw with torch kisses.

      • hatch sprint

        wow… that’s a pretty interesting idea.  the way it came out is pretty amazing.  

  • The only two downers with this basket are with carbon bars (I know, first world problems) and with shimano 7800 shifters with the whiskers, they interfere with the basket, but with sram and newer shimano shifters, its great. perfect for city living a step below getting an UTE.

  • This basket debate covered more topics than the presidential one. 

  • I’ve had this rack for about 6 months now, and use it often. I love it now, but out of the box, I didn’t love it much. The threading on the rack stripped out pretty quickly. It is basically just a tapped piece of metal that receives the bolt. I quickly backed them up with my own bolt and nut combo. Next little issue was the compatibility with the handlebars. I tried a few and it didn’t really seem to work great. Reason being, the construction of the unit is really great. Almost too great in the sense that there isn’t much give to the material and it doesn’t really take much of the shape of the bars. This contributes to over tightening of the bolts, continued stripping , etc. Anyway, I finally looked at my shadow conspiracy bars and noticed the cross bar had a bevel to it and it would make the rack easy as hell to install, and the bevel would act as a bit of a stopper for the clamps to leverage against. Now, I love this rack and everything about it. It was a short road getting there, but worth it. I would say to anyone who wants this rack, you should buy it. But if you aren’t 100% sure about installing it or don’t feel very handy about little projects like this, take it to someone and pay the $20 or whatever they would charge. It’s an awesome rack, worth the small investment. I’ve noticed no handing issues. The fold down bag doesn’t need to fold all the way down to be out of your view, so you can fill it up as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit. For me, it’s perfect for a few groceries, even 5 bombers at a time. That said, I feel I have a more stable situation than most considering the bar set up. 

  • Ali

    What is the lenght of the stem John?