Review: Budnitz Bicycles Ti Bars and Seatpost

When the team at Budnitz Bicycles emailed me, asking if I wanted to try out one of their single speed, belt-drive bikes, I respectfully declined, prompting them to offer up their titanium bars and seatpost instead. I’ll be honest, I was pretty amped on how my Icarus looked with those Ritchey drops and there was absolutely nothing wrong with my Thomson post but I decided to give them a try anyway. It’s been a few weeks of riding them, so what’s my consensus?

Honestly, the feel of the bars is distinguishable from an aluminum bar’s stiffness but it’s not blatantly obvious. It takes a few rides to feel it. What makes these most appealing is the shape, perfect for a bike like this: not too racy but not upright like many cruiser or porteur bars. The finish is nice and the bend is elegant. I never was a fan of straight, flat bars. As for the post? I can’t really feel any difference. The clamp is a bit cumbersome but once you set it up, makes a lot of sense. And I really like the simplicity of the design.

Overall, a $170 Ti bar and $150 seat post is out of most of our price ranges but when compared to high-end carbon bars and posts, it’s not that bad, especially if you prefer the feel over carbon. Or in my case, the low-lustre finish. The Budnitz Bicycles Ti Bars and Seatpost definitely changed the look and feel of my Icarus. Only time will tell for how long. Check out some photos in the Gallery.

  • Cormac

    Dunno mate, split personality aside, how do you have a consensus with yourself?

    • Oh yes. Multiple people in my head. How else do you think I get all this shit done?

  • Jeffppuckett

    How long did the Resist 28c tyres last you?

    • Didn’t have a problem with them. Rode them for about 2 months before putting a Rando I had on.

  • Wade Schultz

    Budnitz…can’t say anything about the bars, but their whole concept for bicycles is insipid from a cycling viewpoint.

    • Yeahaw

      Care to expand further? I’m not a fan myself, I’m just wondering.

      • $5000 belt drive beach cruisers with disc brakes? Insipid? Probably.

        • Well, I like that at least the components are made in the USA, which is the only reason I agreed to try them out.

          •  I’m down with that.

  • Rjluikart

    the seatpost works though! Looks great!

  • Is that an adapter or does that fork work with threadless stems?

    • Guest

      Threadless Fork

    • it’s a threadless fork

  • Trevor0thomas


  • Yeahaw

    I’m curious why you declined?

  • Those prices actually seem pretty reasonable for Ti, not too sure about the rest of the company though.

  • AdamEldridge

    Post is direct Kent Eriksen rip. Bummer.

  • Jpsawyer

    just curious, how do you like the Cinelli Unicanitor saddle?

    • I ride it on two of my bikes. They’re not for everyone though!

      • Jpsawyer

        Thats good enough for me o try it out. Not the first person I know who likes it either.