More 44RN 144#47 Chainrings Coming Soon Oct 4, 2012

I put this up on my Tumblr, meaning to schedule it for a week from now, only to have it go live today, sending a slew of emails my way. It is true, 44RN is machining a new batch of 144#47 chainrings this week. That means another week or so for anodizing. As it stands, there will be 50 silver and 50 black rings in my web shop around Halloween.

This is only to alert you that you should set money aside for one. As far as I know, they’ll be $77, the same as before. Aaron is a very talented designer and he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He’s not making much money here, and it’s only after constant pestering that I convinced him to do this.

Everyone who’s had these rings (myself included) has nothing but positive things to say about them. So get stoked!

  • Kid Awesome

    Got one the first go round and love it. The chain just seems to float on this thing, and it’s stiff as a sequoia. Part of me is a little sad these are being released again, as I feel a little less special now. Get one and own the best fucking chainring ever. 

  • trackshack

    real excited

  • Baler71

    UK shipping???

  • Matt Barnum

    “…and it’s stiff as a sequoia.” hahaha. they really are incredible though.

  • Ryan Combdon

    On my way home from the states i found a guy selling his 44rn chainring who was on the way.  I contacted him, setup a meeting to buy it (for way more than the pre-order) and the guy sold it without telling me right before our meet up.  So pissed. 
    Thanks to Prolly and AARN for giving me another chance.

  • First come first serve?

  • I don’t even own a track bike right now, but this is almost enough for me to build one. 

  • Alec McLaughlin

    i dont even have a 144 bcd crankset for my bike but ill still be setting aside money for one of these, been hoping another batch would comeout

  • im totally gonna grab one of these they look beautiful!

  • Alexandrosppdmtr

    Can you ship to Jakarta, Indonesia John?

  • Sj

    Are these going to be sold exclusively through your webstore and not Aaron’s as I understood? Any news on the exact date?

  • lok

    how much for shipping it to germany?

    by the way what rims are those?

  • Terry

    still have? can ship to Singapore?

  • Nicholas Barrera

    Would anyone know how compatible this chainring is with Shimano Dura-Ace 7600 crank arms? And is there like a emailing list or any info on the status of these rings? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated! =]

    • Ryan Combdon

      It should work fine with the Dura-Ace 7600. 

  • Tyler

    come out sooner!

  • Cam

    waiting so hard for these. 

  • Guest

    Any updates on this?

  • Ryan Combdon

    I can’t wait!! I hope I’m able to grab one. I almost bought one used for twice the price of the preorder.