Love Oct 11, 2012

I don’t have children and yet I understand why parents always have a camera in their kids’ face. It’s love, right?

  • yes, it is.

  • Gui

    Is that a super record non fluted crankset? So so cool and beautiful. That bike just gets better and better. 

    • Yep. Got them NOS here in town for $150. Been on the bike since I got it.

      • Andy Nisbet

        How’d you manage to find that good of a deal?

        • Chris

          A little bird told him…:)!

      • Ckamp

         I have seen them sell for 900+ NOS!

  • Tyler

    anyword on the chainrings?

  • BrianNippon

    What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…no more.

  • iStone

    What rear cog are you running on that 44? I want one, but can’t find anything better than my 48/17 for rolling hills and skid patches for my city.

    • 47:18

      • Oz

        47:18 is a solid ratio. It seems too many people run way too heavy ratios.

        • They don’t climb hills.

          • Jvgasmask04

            I climb, I’ve been commuting for over a year 48/16. That is why I need a new chain ring.. S.F. Hills suck with that ratio.

    • it’s hard to beat 17 skid patches (not impossible).  prime numbers rule

  • cant wait to get one of those 44RN rings! they look so beautiful!

  • Mmtmatrix

    Non fluted looks rad as shit with that ring.  Any pictures of a C-rec with that ring floating around?  I wonder how it would look (if good, then maybe I should try to get one)…

  • still not loving your chainring.. but Non-Fluted SR Pista cranks are unbelievable

  • Bill Murray

    meatpie x prolly

  • Edward Scoble

    May I ask what happen to the White Industries Urban pedals that you used to like before?

    • I never had them on this bike. I always used them on my tourer.

      • Edward Scoble

        Furry muff, I can’t afford to have two pairs for both tourer and roadie.