Matte Black Die Cut Raidô Viking Decals Oct 4, 2012


  • Joshua Robot

    This is going to look really good on my Geekhouse stealth CX bike. It get’s back from paint Tuesday so send ’em out quick!

    <3 Robot

  • Slowpoke

    How does everyone keep getting these so quick yeesh

    • Bruce

      Choose a new name bud, may help your luck! 

  • joserheo

    i swear these sell out in 10 minutes

  • Trackedout

    This is ridiculous, man. I give up.

    • BaconBeercan

      Yeah, I used to think the Tracko Ramblin Rolls were hard to get until the recent run of these stickers became available. Fucking impossible!

      • Trackedout

        I guess you have to be lurking at the right time. I actually managed to get a Ramblin’ Roll by catching one of Ty’s Instagram posts, two seconds after it was posted. A few minutes later, gone.

  • iStone

    Just curious. How many did you actually have?

    • I will be stuffing 150 envelopes. Been saving these up for a big sale. The vinyl stickers i’d pack 500 envelopes and it would take a full week.

      • 51

        Buy some mailing labels and automate the process. Save you some time writing each envelope just cut and paste addresses.

        • I have mailing labels. It still takes a lot of time.

  • Hell yeah, I actually managed to cop some while I was at work. 

  • thebigkick

    Dang missed them again.  You should just put up a display at Mellow Johnny’s.

  • Sam A.

    Any available for us locals?

  • Jessie1980

    Sold out again? N again? How cheap is this? I just need one! Just ONE. Did one person had a limit? If i donate to your site can i at least have one? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhjhhhh… I might just end up bootleging this n make money on ebay but i wont. :(

    • Bnizzle

      I was thinking the same thing!! More so just for myself. Never thought I could ever be so disappointed by not being able to get a sticker, a STICKER!

  • I have a few of these from earlier in the year if on the off chance anyone from Canberra wants one, or interstaters (AUS) can be bothered asking me to mail one to them.

    • Robin

      I’ll take one in Sydney if you’ll send it?

  • M3rz

    These sell for $25 on ebay!!