Recent Roll: Here’s to the Open Road Oct 24, 2012

I got my film back from last week’s riding in Northern California and there are some straight up road porn shots in there. Take this for instance. Who knew that the 128 is this gorgeous! It’ll be a little bit before I post the rest of the photos, but for now, enjoy the open road.

  • Jdhhsept

    i bet it smelled amazing to ride through there.

  • Kid Awesome

    So smooth, must have been a joy to ride. Need to do it myself some time. 

  • The 128 is indeed spectacular. It’s also one of the most dangerous in the country. Be careful out there.

  • Mmmmmmmmmm… road.

  • ol’grumpy

    That side of hwy 128 through the redwoods is especially nice, but it is very narrow.  I’ve ridden the 600k Brevet that goes from SF to Fort Bragg and back a handful of times and it uses the western end of 128.  Beautiful but narrow with fast traffic around Boonville. 

  • David Trimble

    Great image. Can’t wait to see the rest of the roll 

  • gnarggles